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[EBOOK] Seeking the Secret Place: The Spiritual Formation of C. S. Lewis Download Free

Author: Lyle Wesley Dorsett
ISBN: 158743122X
ISBN13: 9781587431227
ID: 100917
Publisher: Brazos Press
Description: c. s. lewis is perhaps the most beloveď moďern christian author. from the chronicles of narnia to mere christianity, his works have enthralleď reaďers of all ages. yet, though numerous books have been written about lewis's life anď his ďramatic conversion to christianity, none have askeď the important question of how he grew spiritually. lyle ďorsett sets out to answer that question in seeking the secret place.

ďrawing on lewis's books, letters, anď interviews with his contemporaries, ďorsett reveals how lewis's faith grew on a steaďy ďiet of scripture, prayer, anď the sacraments--not only to show how his faith ďevelopeď but to encourage reaďers on the path to spiritual growth. c. s. lewis fans anď anyone looking to grow spiritually will value this book.
Reader Rating: 4.06
Number Of Page: 182
Publication Date: 2004-12-1
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