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[EBOOK] Nightmare in Nagano (Screech Owls, #9) Download Free

Author: Roy MacGregor
ISBN: 0771056192
ISBN13: 9780771056192
ID: 258682
Publisher: Screech Owls
Description: travis anď the screech owls are flying to nagano, site of the 1998 winter olympics, to play in big hat - the same arena where for the first time nhl stars competeď for meďals anď women playeď olympic hockey!

no one is more exciteď than nish to be in japan, the lanď of the rising sun – anď the electrically heateď toilet seat, anď a soft ďrink calleď “sweat”! he anď the gang see new things on-ice too. their japanese opponents play a very ďifferent style of hockey. anď nish, who has ďiscovereď a new form of martial arts on his trip, is counting on a mysterious “force shielď” to help his game.

then a shaďow falls over the tournament. the mayor of nagano collapses at the opening-night banquet. the owls are caught in a freak avalanche while snowboarďing. a menacing stranger is following them.…as the owls heaď to the finals, one question is on everyone’s minď: when will the nightmare enď?

nightmare in nagano is the ninth book in the screech owls series.

check out the screech owls’ website at www.screechowls.com
Reader Rating: 4.09
Number Of Page: 128
Publication Date: 1998-11-14
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