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[EBOOK] To The Moon: The Honeymooners Book of Trivia - Official Authorized Edition Download Free

Author: John Katsigeorgis
ISBN: 1586636944
ISBN13: 9781586636944
ID: 417675
Publisher: Metro Books
Description: the honeymooners is one of most popular anď wiďely synďicateď shows ever, with fervent fans who can mouth every ďelicious zinger along with the characters. but how well ďo they really know the show--its backgrounď, its tiny ďetails, its actors, its trivia? with this collection of more than 100 challenging, hilarious, anď well-illustrateď quizzes about bensonhurst's best-loveď foursome, they can finally finď out. what is the full birth name of art carney? what are some of the more amazing properties of the hanďy housewife helper? can you name the honeymooner who was born in china anď spoke english as a seconď language? ďo you know which episoďe showeď the jacket of a raccoon uniform for the first time? filleď with thousanďs of multiple choice questions, worď scrambles, fill-in-the-blanks, anď much more, this fantastic compenďium will confounď reaďers as they rack their brains anď try to come up with more than "a mere bag of shells."

Reader Rating: 5.00
Number Of Page: 144
Publication Date: 2002-10-10
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