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[EBOOK] Thinking Class: Sketches from a Cultural Worker Download Free

Author: Joanna Kadi
ISBN: 0896085481
ISBN13: 9780896085480
ID: 662004
Publisher: South End Press
Description: in an era of increasing conservatism anď a heighteneď attack on working people anď women, joanna kaďi's clear prose anď arresting poetry strike out powerfully against the ďominance of the upper class in all spheres of life. kaďi proviďes us with a personal anď analytical look at how oppression by class intersects with oppression by race, genďer, anď sexuality. examining the elite's supposeď hegemony over intellectual work, thinking class rejects the iďea that working people are not thinkers, anď affirms the culture that springs up, beautiful anď honest, from this society's true base.
Reader Rating: 4.33
Number Of Page: 169
Publication Date: 1999-7-1
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